Documents Needed

Documents Needed to Properly Process Your Mortgage Loan Application

I/we know that the list below might seem like a lot of items and chances are that we will not even use a great portion of them but, I/we rather ask you for more (over document) than we need to now, than to have to come back later only to request missing documents.

The best and ideal way to provide us supporting documents are by email; all being saved in their own individual PDF file. If this is not possible, then faxing them or even bringing them in personally would be the second best way.

Please send in as many of the following as you possibly can.


For Salaried Borrowers:

□ Pay stubs for the most recent 30 days for any and all jobs regardless whether or not the income is being used for this application.
□ W-2’s for the most recent 2 years.
*If there was a change in companies, I/we will still need W-2’s for previous employers.

For Self Employed Borrowers:

□ Copy of full 1040 Tax Returns making sure that the signature page is signed and that it includes all schedules.
□ Copy of full 1120 Tax Returns making sure that the signature page is signed and that it includes all schedules.
□ Current Year to Date Profit and Loss (P&L). This can be obtained from your accountant.
□ Current Balance Sheet. This can be obtained from your accountant.

If any borrower receives Social Security Benefits or Pension:

□ Benefits Awards Letter
□ Pension Awards Letter


Accounts check verification (sent via Email) the other option is below. 

□ Most recent 2 months Bank Statements for all accounts that are going to be used in the transaction.
*Please include the complete statement with all pages.
*Please do not cross out any information
□ Statement and paper trail of any funds coming from any other account, example gift from a relative or retirement (401K) account.
□ Copy of any funds (Cashier’s Check or Wire) that has been provided as deposit.


□ Valid Government Issued Identification, ideally:
*Driver License or,
□ If not a US Citizen: Valid Resident Alien (Green) Card
□ Social Security Card

For refinance

□ Proof of Homeowners Insurance
□ Previous Title Insurance Policy
□ Previous Property Survey
□ Most recent and current Mortgage Statement
□ *Proof of last 12 months canceled checks proving mortgage payment from your account
            *Send this only if there is a new borrower that is not on the current mortgage

If Applicable

□ Bankruptcy Documents
□ 12 Months proof of payments for accounts not being paid by borrower

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